Karnatic Music

A great exponent of Karnatic, Hindustani and Western Music, a music researcher, music trainer, music therapist, a yours musically icon, K.S. Balamuralikrishna (Beiky), a raps all over in Cochin.

Born during early sixties and brought up in the lovely Cochin, port city, his passion wings spread agog to all time music, straight from higher secondary ; a three year violin stint on Karnatic classical at Gurukulam, Western style vibrant of five years at Cochin Arts and Communication Center, a sangeetha vidwan feather in a five years vocal and violin classrooms at Chennai Music College in 1990. What next?

Waav ! A great opportunity of decade – long rhythmic ringing association with evergreen music legend Padma Vibhooshan Dr. Balamuralikrishna, blessed him with the siffix ‘Krishna’ to his name christening him, K.S. Balamuralikrishna from then on. This Music conductor’s classroom fevors begot accolades at a Chennai and Gulf Countries. His raspy voice of twelve solid years of expertise enthralled audience and even today enlivens them. His Music therapy sections are underway in Hanuman Temple, Ernakulam.